Your Confidence Quotient

How confident are you?   I believe you operate with a confident mindset most of the time. However, I know each of us needs refuel that confidence time and time again. If for no other reason, then to stay on course with what we need to feel fulfilled in this life.    We come against various obstacles daily that shake our confidence. These obstacles are supposed to build and enhance our confidence but instead, somehow they diminish and tear at it. It’s just life, right? Well, sort of. Besides life in general, folks in our lives (who I’m sure meant well) chipped away at our natural-born confidence and self-assurance. This “chipping” was done by transferring personal fears and doubts. Our loved ones don’t want us to experience the same hurts they experienced so they discourage us from taking the very risks necessary to build our monuments of confidence.

The Vision

The vision of CU is to assist 100,000 women with unveiling their hidden potential, uncluttering the crowded, untouched areas of their minds, undoing adopted negative self-talk, renewing self-assurance, and establishing new habits.

Confidence University: Workshops & Retreats for Women

The purpose of Confidence University (CU), created by serial entrepreneur and author, Tip Jones, is to refuel, reclaim, and reestablish our natural-born confidence from the “roota to the toota” through its signature workshops and retreats for women.   The CU experience exceeds simply being inspirational. All CU events focus on application. They’re structured around learning “the how” (not just “the what”) and doing the work.   Each workshop or retreat assists attendees in exploring not only what they see in the mirror but the cluttered and ignored attics and basements of our minds. It’s an introspective “deep dive” into the who, what, where, when, why and how we think about ourselves.

Get Started

Once the bright lights dim, the crowd disperses, and the rave reviews silence, do you still believe without an ounce of doubt you can do anything, be anything, accomplish anything, and be who God purposed you to be? Life’s challenges will undoubtedly throw jabs but it’s our responsiblity to be armed with the ability to protect and overcome. This can be done when our foundational confidence is solid.

There’s no time like the present to get your confidence back to 100%! Register for the next ConfidenceU experience.